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Cyprus has rich flora and diverse fauna, the Cyprus biodiversity includes 1950 plants, 650 seashells, 250 fishes, more than 6.000 insects, 400 birds including migratory, 30 mammals, 8 snakes, 11 lizards,three amphibians,120 land snails,fungi estimated 5-8 thousandand and three turtles.  There are even several species unique to the island and here are some of them:

  1. The Cyprus Mouflon Ovis orientalis ophion an endemic subspecies and the national animal of Cyprus species

  2. The Cyprus Spiny Mouse and the Cypriot Mouse Mus cypriacus, described in 2006.species

  3. The Cyprus Warbler bird, a typical warbler which breeds only on Cyprusspecies

  4. Cyprus Pied Wheatear bird, a small passerine bird considered to be an Old World flycatcher, Muscicapidae.species

  5. The Cyprus Scops Owl, which has recently been proposed as being a full species distinct from the widespread Eurasian Scops Owl.species

  6. Cyprus Whip Snake, Hierophis cypriensis, a species of snake in the Colubridae family.species

  7. The Troodos Lizard, which is sometimes considered a full species Phoenicolacerta troodica and sometimes classified as a subspecies of the Lebanon Lizard Phoenicolacerta laevis.species

  8. The Cyprus Water Frog, Pelophylax cypriensis, an endemic species of Messinian origin


  9. The Cyprus Eastern Rock Grayling butterfly, which emerges in April but disperses to higher altitudes by early summer.species

  10. The grasshopper Pezotettix cypriaspecies

  11. The jumping spider Aelurillus cypriotus species

  12. The scorpion Mesobuthus cyprius, known as M. gibbosus anatolicus until DNA analysis showed that this an unique species.species


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