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2020 marks the beginning of a new decade and we have decided to commence the year with a poetry book recommendation. In November 2019, the new poem collection “Letter to Mother” was released by Armida Publications. The book is written by the Greek poet E. Miron who has been inspired by the well-established “Letters to the Mother” by the famous Cypriot poet Costas Montis.

The new poetic collection is a perfect depiction of today’s reality: it provides a real voice, the pulse of today’s reality. And who else could observe and deliver the exact vibe and truth of the world as we experience it nowadays better than a poet?

The book achieves exactly what authentic art and poetry should do: create new shapes, give a new breath, open new paths further to those provided by past genuine poets and artists.

 Ε. Μύρων Κύπρος

Building on the symbol of Mother, the verses of the “Letter to Mother” speak of a universal spiritual heritage that resides for centuries into every human being, one which unites us forever and makes us feel deeply connected no matter the country, the ethnicity, the century.


The Greek Poet E. Miron has dedicated recently the following verses to our beautiful island:

Ε. Μύρων Κύπρος

The heartbeat of Cyprus

brings waves of imagination

this island,

a candle that is dripping

ocean blue,

a descendant of spring


The book “Letter to Mother” is available in all major Cyprus bookstores as well as on


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