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In these places in cyprus you can see the sea stretching, meeting the depths of the mountain and the forest, so the green meets the blue.

1. Akamas

captured by Manos Botrini – Cyprus from Air

In Akamas you can go from the sea to the pine forest in no time. The “Moutti Sotira”, 400 meters above sea level, is the highest peak of the popular Akamas Peninsula.

2. Pomos

At Pomos, another popular destination, the mountain falls almost vertically into the sea while the steep slopes are covered with pine and fruit trees. A truly magnificent place where the forest meets the sea.

3. Karpasia

The point that stretches behind the Golden Beach (Pachyammos), one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, is ever so green. It is an invisible forest that literally ends up on the endless golden sands.

4. Cape Greco

Another very popular destination in Cyprus, where you can also find a similar scenery. At the National Forest Park of Cape Greco, you will find the sea meeting the forest if you walk along the Aphrodite circular path.




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