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An annual celebration, with a world-class character of wage-earners. With gatherings and marches, the working class gets the opportunity to highlight its social and economic achievements and define its contending framework for the future.

The 1st of May Day is a strike, although in the case of Greece, but also of many countries of the world, the day is celebrated as a holiday.

Mayday, was established on May 18th, 1889, during the founding conference of the Second International (Socialist International) in Paris, commemorated the resurrection of the workers of Chicago on May 1, 1886, claiming the eighth hour and better working conditions . It ended up in bloodshed a few days later, with the intervention of the police and the employers’ henchmen.













Labor Day in Cyprus

Under the slogan “We are looking for reunification, social and trade union rights“, the Cyprus campaign begin every 1st of May.

With the significance it deserves, Cyprus will honor this year once again the International Working and Solidarity Day, with mobilizations in all provinces of free Cyprus.

1st of May in Cyprus
1st of May in Cyprus


For the workers of Cyprus, the world day of class solidarity is a day of reaffirming our firm attachment to the struggle for the reunification of our country and our people. It is a day of reasserting our struggle for social justice.

1st of May
1st of May

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