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The private “German Oncology Center” in Limassol will gradually begin offering its services to the Cypriot public from September. In the first phase, only specific services will be offered, but more will be added later on, according to Dr Nikos Zamoploglou, the initiator and medical director of the Center. According to the internationally renowned Oncologist, the Center will have high-tech and different machines, which require staff training. The same applies to the electronic envelope system that the Center will operate. “That is why the staff should be familiar with these systems, and practical tests will have to be done before the Center fully opens its doors to the patients,” Dr Zamboglou said.

This Center will offer the full range of radiological services, the whole spectrum of chemotherapy, as well as various diagnostic services, including PET-CT, which is not provided by another public or private center in Cyprus. This test is a combination of positron emission tomography and CT scan and can cover the whole of Cyprus so that patients are not forced to travel abroad for this purpose.
“It will be a complete oncology center without providing surgical oncology offered by various other clinics in Cyprus,” said Dr. Zamboglou. It will have physicians specializing in pathology, oncology, nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology, as well as radiology and oncologists.

The cost of the clinic is expected to exceed € 40 million and the project is completed by a loan from the Bank of Cyprus. While the Oncology Center is being erected in the area of Agios Athanasios in Limassol, on a property owned by the Holy Metropolis of Limassol. According to Mr. Zambonlou, there is no involvement of the Metropolis of Limassol or the Church in general in the investment, as it has become a simple lease agreement for that piece of land for 33 plus 33 years.

Asked about this, Dr. Zamboglou said that approximately 70 people will be employed during the first phase of the oncology center next September, while approximately 120-140 employees will be employed in the full operation of the project.

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