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We discovered FOL, that provides popcorn in a very unique way with a huge variety of delicious flavours.

FOL started in Turin, Italy. The name FOL comes from the local dialect, where “fol” means “crazy”. So with a lot of craziness, Italian culinary fantasy and the best ingredients, FOL re-invents our beloved popcorn, creating unique gourmet delights!


The corn used is “mushroom” type, non-GMO. It is air-popped to preserve its healthy attributes and then hand coated with the finest ingredients.

FOL handcrafted popcorn is low in calories, and rich in nutrients. With such a variety of flavours, like caramel, cappuccino, chocolate, pizza, bacon, cheese, chili and many more, FOL is certain to amaze you.

Enjoy FOL gourmet popcorn! The great treat for a movie night; a different gift next time you visit a special one!


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