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“what I did in my life was done with seriousness, diligence and love.” said Dr Amerikos Argyriou

Dr Amerikos Argyriou, a pediatrician, has received the European Citizen’s Award 2017. He was nominated for dedicating his career towards helping children with learning disabilities and founding the Theotokos foundation to serve that purpose in Limassol in 1969. To this day, he still visits his foundation to see his “children” and ensure everything is running smoothly and properly.

His nominee said that he works tirelessly despite being 93 years-old, while Argyriou himself said that he still can’t grasp the magnitude of the award he has received.

“I feel great satisfaction because I really created a multidisciplinary team with people whom I sent and trained abroad, whether it concerns physiotherapy or neurotherapy, psychology, occupational therapy or speech therapy”, he added “what I did in my life was done with seriousness, diligence and love. “

At the same time, he stresses that “it is a nice thing to have the opportunity to do something beneficial, but for me it is even more beneficial but also necessary, to be able to create something that will have continuity once you are gone. The biological damage is unrelenting and I think that my work contributions will be continued.”

Dr. Argyriou says there is nothing better than mental balance and there is nothing worse thing than mental aberration. He continues “by faith in the value of life, with concern for a better quality of life, we have made our way and offered what we could for this man and for this life. “

Mr. Demetris Papadakis nominated Dr Argyriou for the “European Citizen 2017” prize, which will be presented at a special event organised by the EP Information Office, in Cyprus, in Autumn. On the 11th of October 2017, a special festive event in Brussels will follow for all winners from all member states.


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