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These are some of the abandoned villages of Cyprus, where the atmosphere, the serenity and the sometimes scary silence of these villages are very attractive. Perfect for excursions and discoveries on the island, during the cooler days.

1. Ayios Sozomenos

abandoned village
The small village of Ayios Sozomenos is located a few kilometers outside of Nicosia between the village of Potamia and Geri. The abandoned village was once a mixed village where the majority of the inhabitants were Greek Cypriots. In 1974, many battles took place in the area and after the Turkish invasion it was abandoned by its Greek Cypriot inhabitants. Today, the scenery gives us the chills and the only building standing up is the church of Agios Sozomenos, while the remnants of the Gothic church of Agios Mamas, a 16th-century building, are located next to it.

2. Souskiou

abandoned village

The village of Souskiou is located in the province of Paphos,  4 km from Kouklia. It is a small Turkish Cypriot village that was particularly well-known for its ‘Paniniri Souskiou’ phrase, which is used metaphorically today for someone who acts silly. The name Souskiou comes from the Turkish word Susuz which means thirsty because of the drought that prevailed, perhaps, in the area. The village was abandoned in 1974, while findings dating back to 3000 BC.

3. Trozena

abandoned village

The village of Trozena was abandoned just 20 years ago and is located in the Limassol province. The church of Agios Georgios, which is found there, was built in 1885 and renovated in 1993.

4. Finikas

abandoned village

Finikas is one of the most well-known abandoned villages in Cyprus and it was abandoned in 1974. It is located along the Aspropremo Dam in the Paphos District, 3km away from Anarita. On Frankish rule, the village was called “Commandaria Della Finicha” because according to the myth in the village there was a Phoenix. The village is also known as ‘sunken’ since some of its buildings are semi-submerged in water due to the dam.

5. Palia Theletra

abandoned village

The village of Palia Theletra near Stroubi and Kathyta was abandoned about 40 years ago due to a major earthquake. The residents built the village of New Theletra on the hill above the old community.

6. Sarama

abandoned village
The village of Sarama is located in the province of Paphos near the villages of Lysos and Filousa. Its inhabitants were Turkish Cypriots and are said to have been destroyed by an earthquake. Some other information says that due to the destruction of their sprats in 1879, many of its inhabitants abandoned it.

7. Melandra

abandoned village
Another deserted village in Cyprus, rumoured to have been destroyed by bombing. The only buildings left standing today are the christian church and the mosque.

8. Fikardou

abandoned village

The village of Fikardou, located on the southeast slope of the Troodos mountain range, is a typical example of mountainous Cypriot architecture, with simple shapes embedded in the environment, built with rough hard stones of the region and cemented floors. A large part of the village is the property of the Department of Antiquities, which in 1978 declared the entire village as “Ancient Monument” and “Controlled Area” and restored and preserved the collapsed residences. Today, almost the entire village is restored and is a “living” museum of traditional architecture and folk art.


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