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Located in Kili Paphos, Adonis Baths is set to be one of the most beautiful places in Cyprus. According to Greek mythology Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty and Adonis were deeply in love and had their children in Paphos. The Goddess of hunting, Artemis on the other hand was envious of their love leading to her desire to kill Adonis. She attempted few times to kill him from drowning him by getting his attention while throwing a golden almond in the baths to pushing a mountain at the baths by the help of Mars, the God of war.

Poseidon helped both times to prevent his murder and succeeded. However, the third time Adonis was unlucky and was killed by a man in a wild boar disguise while he was hunting. He left his last breath in the arms of Aphrodite as soon as he returned to the baths. Every autumn the mythology states that Adonis returns to the baths due to Aphrodite’s wish to see him because she could’t bare his loss.

Adonis baths

The location is near Coral Bay and from Paphos is 12 km and 2 km from Kili village. Also is near Mavrokolymbos dam. Bathing in the waters of Adonis is supposed to keep women young and beautiful and give strength to men. Moreover just outside the baths there are two statues, the one resembles Aphrodite and the other Adonis. Women who wish to become pregnant touch the appendage of Adonis and is said to help them in having a lot of children.

There, visitors can bath in the jungle like exotic environment and attempt their tarzan moves. Additionally women are invited to indulge in mud therapy offered at Adonis baths. An experience to add on your to do list.


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