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The sole representative of Cyprus at the prestigious Dakar Rally 2020, Autolife Team: Starikovich-Heskes began their last training sessions in UAE on December 21. The ultimate goal of such practice was to prepare the pilots and the tech crew for high-intensity operations in desert conditions.

The activities mostly took place in the vicinity of Dubai but perhaps the most important endurance test the team faced within the training framework was tackling 30-metre dunes and deep sand craters around Liwa Oasis in the Western Region of UAE. This locality lies adjacent to the border with Saudi Arabia and its terrain is very similar to that of the Empty Quarter where the majority of the second half of the current Dakar edition will take place.

Despite certain challenges and mishaps arising on the go the training course was successful and the team has boosted its confidence and has learnt valuable lessons that may prove beneficial in the upcoming rally.

On December 26, the team started its relocation voyage from Dubai to Jeddah, crossing UAE-KSA boarder in the process and after having had covered nearly 2000 kilometres they safely arrived to the destination in two days.

At the moment the very last preparations for the rally are in full swing with the remaining team members assembling in Jeddah before New Year.

The scrutineering procedures will start today January 2 and the Dakar Rally 2020 will herald its first stage on January 5. Three years later Cyprus is back in action, hence save the date and get behind Autolife Team: Starikovich-Heskes at the Dakar in Saudi Arabia!

The team would like to thank their platinum partners «Copybet»,  golden partners «Orpheus Luxury Travel and Tours», «ReLux Estates» and «Cyprus Property Gallery», media partners «Heart Cyprus» as well as their loyal fans, friends and supporters.

If you wish to learn more about the team we kindly invite you to visit their official website: , follow them on Facebook: Autolife Dakar and Instagram: @Autolife_Dakar.


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