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At the Akamas peninsula, within the state forest of Peyia is Cyprus’s most impressive and famous gorge, the “Avakas Gorge”.

Today it is considered as one of the most magnificent masterpieces of nature in Cypus and a paradise for hikers and nature lovers who can’t wait to visit it every year. It offers beautiful views and there you can enjoy the local fauna and flora. Also, there you can find the endangered epidemic plant centauria akamantis.

The path begins with a dirt road. It then ends in a valley with large openings and natural vegetation.There you can find pine trees, oaks, junipers and fig trees.

Avakas gorge nature

Additionally, the altitude at the beginning is 45 m leading to approximately 150 m at the end of the path. There is not a great deal of difficulty for walkers except some points that due to river crossings the stones are slippery.

In the last section, the path is basically in the river, which usually has an all-year flow of water. The path in the gorge is characterised by dense vegetation, and a particularly attractive shady and humid environment.

The creation of the gorge is believed to have started after the area’s emergence from the sea millions of years ago. Moreover, the gorge in the past offered residents, shelter, food and water.

avakas gorge nature cyprus

On the cliffs of Avakas gorge, hundreds of pigeons nest, among them there are two rare species of birds, the blue-tailed bird and the wall-road.

The Avakas gorge is an attraction for thousands of visitors, foreigners and locals who visit it each year experiencing unique moments near nature.

avakas gorge river

It is worth visiting if you have not.


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