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Cyprus has a lot of churches that are part of its cultural and religious heritage.  Also ten painted churches in Troodos area are considered as monuments and are included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Nevertheless, a small cave church called Ayioi Saranta stole the show and made it to the top list of the 20 most unusual and quirkiest churches. It was featured in the travel section of UK’s MailOnline.

ayioi saranta church cyprus protaras

The picturesque chapel of Ayioi Saranta is located in the homonymous area of ​​Ayioi Saranta, in Protaras. You can reach there by following the dirt road or alternatively use one of the nature trails. The stone canopy on the wild rocks guides the pilgrims from afar to the chapel that is in this remote wild cave.

The reason behind its name are the forty stalactites on the roof of the cave that give this church its unique look. The name, according to tradition, came from a Christian, who linked the stalactites in this holy pilgrimage to the forty Martyrs of Sebaste. “Saranta” in Greek means forty. Nature lovers, apart from the pilgrimage, will also enjoy the splendid scenery that surrounds it.

Once you enter its blue door, you get a feeling of calmness and hope.

If you are up for some adventure and yearning for some spiritual awakening, this church is the place to be.


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