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Which of the three is an actual curse: life when you don’t want it, death when it’s too soon, or immortality you can’t handle. A brilliant novel for the disturbed and a disturbing novel for the brilliant. Brought to you by the troubled mind of Panos Vasiliou.

“33 moments to live”, an ArmidaBooks Fall special! Ask for it from your local bookstore or get it online straight from the publisher or from Apple-Books.

Facebook event:

Presentation of the new novel by Panos Vasilios will take place on Sunday, 22 September 2019 from 20:00-21:00

The book will be presented by
  • Pantelis Pantelis, clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst and
  • Panos Agapitos, historian, adult educator, member of a Cypriot notebook company
  • Excerpts will be read by the actress Elena Heiletti

The presentation will take place at TEPAK building Tassos Papadopoulos Amphitheater 1.

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