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If you are in the mood for some hiking and want to breath in some fresh air, then visit Caledonia nature trail and waterfall. There you can unwind and become one with the nature. Also, you can enjoy the sounds, smells and sights of what nature has to offer. 

Caledonia waterfall platres

Especially in this season it is a great place to refresh yourself and enjoy the shade and clean air. Also, at Caledonia waterfall and nature trail you can find a great variety of local flora and fauna that you can observe in every step of the way that leads to your final destination.

caledonia waterfall cyprus

Located in Platres village in Troodos, Caledonia waterfalls is one of the highest waterfalls in Cyprus. The altitude is approximately 12 meters. The name derives from the sweet sounds of the swallow birds, singing throughout the spring and summer evenings.

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There are two ways to enjoy your hike, either by taking the higher path that leads towards the waterfall or starting from the waterfall all the way down to Platres village. The length of the trail is 3km. The walking time is around 2 hours. If you wish however to just visit the waterfall you can choose the 20 minute walk from Aedonion road, close to the trout farm, located in Pano Platres.

caledonia waterfall

A great choice for a weekend adventure. Relax and let the nature recharge you.


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