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Fundraising for the Cypriot Breakdance Olympic team

Breaking (Breakdance) is now an Olympic Sport for the Youth Olympic Games 2018 in Argentina. Cyprus had 7 young dancers (5-17 years old) that passed

St. Nicholas
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St. Nicholas of the Cats – how cats came to Cyprus

In 328 A.D., St. Helena visited the island of Cyprus and found it almost totally deserted of most of its inhabitants due to a severe

Konnos Bay - Tourism in Summer
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Summer is over? Well, not in Cyprus!

One of the biggest advantages of living on such a beautiful mediterranean island is the plentiful sunshine throughout the year, and the long summer of

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The best snorkelling spots in Cyprus!

With a whole underwater world waiting to be explored, coral reefs and all sorts of fish to spot, snorkelling is the perfect summertime activity. And

food festivals
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3 September village food festivals worth attending

The perfect way to get to know more about village traditions and taste the best local delicacies is at the village festivals, so here are

Cypriot food
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10 mouth-watering instagram photos of Cypriot food

In Cyprus, we love to eat. Cypriot food is very rich and flavourful and, although we live on an island, it involves a lot of

Limassol wine festival
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Over 100,000 visitors expected at the Limassol wine festival

Thousands of locals from all over Cyprus and tourists from around the world alike attended the opening night of the 56th Limassol wine festival on

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In Cyprus there are 1.5 million cats, more cats than citizens

According to the latest data of animal welfare organisations working in Cyprus, the cat population now reaches 1.5 million, with more cats than humans inhabiting

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Tourism revenue up 15% in June to €347m according to Cystat

According to a statement Cystat made on tuesday, in June tourism revenue rose by 15% to €347.2m compared to €301,0 mn in the corresponding month of the

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Seabed clean-up organised in Limassol

On Sunday, the association of divers in Cyprus organised a seabed clean-up in Limassol, east of the port. Similar clean-ups have already been organised in