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Cyprus is the safest country in the world for young people

According to an article by the Guardian, Cyprus is the safest of the 184 countries analysed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), with a death

tertiary education
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Almost 44,500 people were in tertiary education in the past academic year

The number of students studying in universities in Cyprus has increased by 13.27%, while the number studying in other higher education institutions has gone up

dog parkings
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Did you know we have dog parkings in Cyprus?

Since we have yet to reach the point where dogs are allowed in all stores, parking your pup at one of these dog parkings is the next

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44 years since the second phase of the Turkish invasion

Today it’s been exactly 44 years since the 14th of August 1974, the day when the hordes of Attila began the second phase of the

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Ace Playmore – a new fun startup company you can find on the beaches of Cyprus

Ace is a fresh and fun startup company based on the beaches of Cyprus; it consists of a group of smart, quick-thinking, action oriented and

Perseid meteor shower
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5 events where you can enjoy the Perseid meteor shower tonight

A number of star-gazing events are set to take place tonight on the occasion of the annual Perseid meteor shower. Here is some information about

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“Cyprus – a culinary journey” competition – Win 1 of the 10 books

Join the competition to win 1 of the 10 books “Cyprus – A culinary journey” (English version) by liking, sharing and commenting your name under this article post

Cypriot wedding
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Rituals of a traditional Cypriot Wedding

Even though a lot of the wedding’s traditions have been lost or relaxed, you can still enjoy many of the original rituals when attending a

Stephanie Gregoriou
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Stephanie Gregoriou – The 28-year-old Cypriot who built schools in Ghana

28-year-old Stephanie Gregoriou became interested in social work in 2013. She traveled for a month to Ghana in Africa for volunteer work, and ever since,

Cape Greco
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10 instagram posts from Cape Greco

The Cape Greco sea caves in Ayia Napa are one of the most popular destinations of the area, and probably the whole Island. This area is