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Impressive photos of the picturesque mines in Cyprus

Cyprus From Air explorers often remind us of the many reasons to love Cyprus, which never ceases to impress with its picturesque landscape. They uploaded

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High hopes for the coming winter tourism season!

An extra 250,000 airline seats are being added for the coming winter tourism season, meaning a 20% increase in the number of arrivals between November


Cyprus From Air explores the underground of Cyprus once again

Cyrpus From Air went underground once again and discovered a new incredible, completely unexplored location that looks like it’s from another planet. The group discovcered a surreal

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“A Walk Through the Line” – an amazing artwork in Paphos

By Theo Michael – Art is a word so short, yet it stands for something so grand. How grand? If we knew, it wouldn’t be considered

St.Alexander chapel

The St. Alexander chapel – dedicated to the missing soldiers of 1974

The small chapel of St. Alexander has been built recently, just outside the village of Kornos between the sparse pine and cypress trees. The small chapel

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Choirokoitia Neolithic settlement – one of the three UNESCO World Heritage sights

The Neolithic settlement of Choirokoitia is an archaeological landmark which bears witness to a fascinating worldview that prevailed about 9000 years ago. It is located

Apollo Hylates

The sanctuary of Apollo Hylates dedicated to the God of Woodland

The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates is an ancient monument dedicated to the God of Woodland who was thought to be the protector of Kourion. The sanctuary is located about 2.5

Kolossi Castle

Kolossi castle – a fine example of military architecture

The Kolossi castle was initially constructed in the 13th century and it was then rebuilt in its present form during mid-15th century. This well admired 15th

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Cyprus from Air discovers a remote natural canyon

Cyprus From Air, once again discovering the truly hidden gems of the island, which remain unknown and untouched by civilisation.“Four kilometers of incredible natural beauty.

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Cypriot chapel featured the Dailymail list of quirkiest churches in the world that you can visit

Churches around the world have long been pilgrimage sites for travellers – not only for religious reasons but also for their incredible architecture and unusual