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Profitis Ilias

Profitis Ilias Church – the spiritual and historical side of Protaras

The Profitis Ilias church is located on a rocky outcrop that rises above the town of Protaras in Cyprus, with a magnificent view of the whole

Potamos Liopetriou

Potamos Liopetriou – a rare treat

The Potamos Liopetriou, a long sinuous estuary of a small river lined on both sides with traditional Cypriot fishing boats, is three kilometres west of

Cyprus Horizons

Cyprus Horizons – A breathtaking video of our island

Showcasing the breathtaking natural landscape, the beautiful sunsets and the overall beauty of this island that never ceases to amaze us, the Cypriot photographer Andreas

turkish flag pentadaktylos
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Nicosia – the world’s last divided capital city

On the one side you have the greek-cypriots and on the other you have the turkish-cypriots – welcome to Nicosia, the world’s last divided capital

Virgin Mary Chapel
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A hidden chapel you should visit in Cyprus

Cyprus always has something unknown to offer. Something secret that definitely sparks the attention. The Virgin Mary Evangelist’s Chapel is located 1km southwest from Xilofagou

mountainous cyprus
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10 Instagram photos from mountainous Cyprus

Cyprus may be well known for it’s picturesque beaches with the crystal-blue waters, but mountainous Cyprus is just as breath taking!  There are many famous mountain resorts,

disabled divers

Cyprus could be a destination for disabled divers

According to supporters, more needs to be done in Cyprus to promote diving for disabled, as well as providing better access to the sea and

hidden church
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Cyprus from air discovered a hidden church inside a cave

The point where the hidden church was discovered is a private land, located between the villages of Erimis and Episkopi, in the province of Limassol.

St. Nicholas
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St. Nicholas of the Cats – how cats came to Cyprus

In 328 A.D., St. Helena visited the island of Cyprus and found it almost totally deserted of most of its inhabitants due to a severe

picnic in Cyprus
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Top Places to picnic in Cyprus

Picnics are a great way to get the family together for some quality time or to just hang out with some good friends, of course