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Ayioi Saranta

Ayioi Saranta – the hidden cave chapel in Protaras

In Cyprus there are many churches tucked away in quiet village streets, standing proud in central squares and nestled in the green forests of the


94-year-old in a bid for a Guinness World Record as oldest scuba diver

Ray Woolley spent his 94th birthday diving at the sunken wreck of the Zenobia ferry in Larnaca, in a bid for a Guinness World Record


General government generates €215m surplus in January to July

According to the finance ministry, from January to July 2017, the general government generated a budget surplus of €215.2m on a cash basis. We may


10 Instagram photos of the most beautiful places in Cyprus

Cyprus is becoming a more and more popular travel destination, and for good reason! The beautiful sights, the rich history and mythology surrounding the island,

Edro III

10 instagram photos from the Edro III Shipwreck

The Edro III, an 83 meter long 2,517 ton freighter, ran aground in stormy weather in the Sea Caves area of Paphos between Coral Bay


Cypriot citizens no longer need visas for Qatar

According to a new announcement, Cypriot citizens no longer need a pre-arranged visa to visit Qatar can now obtain a visa waiver upon arrival in


Cyprus has risen 7 spots in the global peace list

According to the 11th edition of the Global Peace Index published by the Institution for Economics and Peace, Cyprus ranks 64th amongst the 163 independent

larnaca international airport

Larnaca airport third for passenger traffic increase among airports in its category

In the first half of the year, Larnaca airport managed to rank third among all the international airports in Europe with passenger traffic of 5


We have the same DNA as the Minoans and the Mycenaeans

A new study was published in the Science Nature Survey, demonstrating the close genetic relationship of the Minoans with the Mycenaeans with modern Greeks. The

Vasa Koilaniou

Vasa Koilaniou – the small village tucked away in a valley surrounded by slopes

The picturesque village of Vasa Koilaniou is located inside a small valley surrounded by slopes, only 35 km away from Limassol. The village took its