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How to prepare Cypriot “kattimeri”

Have you ever tried Cypriot kattimeri? It is an easy way to treat yourself with traditional, tasty bites filled with honey and cinnamon. We went

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Cypriot AMYGDALOTA: a must-try Cypriot Sweet

We went to @Lidl Cyprus, got fresh and tasty sweet products and prepared the well-known “Amygdalota”. The famous almond sweets are definitely a must try

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Cypriot Mahalepi with traditional “triantafillo”

What better during summer, than a traditional, refreshing treat? Cypriot Mahalepi is the ultimate option! We went to Lidl Cyprus, got some summery products and

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Delicious detoxifying drinks with traditional Cypriot herbs: the recipes

We recently went for a mini-shopping stroll at Lidl Cyprus, and gathered some of the healthiest herbs. Detoxifying ourselves after the Christmas period is a

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How to prepare the most delicious #beautifullynormal traditional recipe: Kourambiedes

    We found some of the most delicious products for our #beautifullynormal Christmas table. We went to Lidl Cyprus and got everything we needed

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Join our #REDPlusChallellengeCY & win 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 by Cytamobile Vodafone

Cytamobile-Vodafone challenged us to travel around Cyprus, searching for some of the most uniquely shaped buildings. There are indeed really nice constructions which have popped

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Haloumoti and Eliopita cake: the full recipes

Our cuisine is amazing. We all know how many delicious and healthy options we have. Recently our team went to LidlCyprus, got some fresh products

Healthy Cypriot Open Sandwiches
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Healthy Cypriot Open Sandwiches

We went to Lidl Cyprus, gathered some of the most yummy and healthy ingredients and came up with the idea of creating colourful healthy open

Halloumi Spring
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Halloumi Spring Salad: Easy, Tasty, Cypriot!

What better to add in your salad than our traditional cheese?   Heart Cyprus has come up with an easily prepared, tasty salad, always with

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Exposing Against – A Short with Demetrios Mina

Demetrios Mina, a photographer from Larnaca, Cyprus who only shoots film, since digital for him, does not fulfil his soul’s needs. We followed Demetri around in