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Commandaria is a sweet dessert wine that also happens to be the oldest named wine still in production. The wine is actually a protected Cypriot product with a controlled appellation of origin.

It has an amber colour and it is a very sweet wine, with the flavours of raisins, caramel and dried fruits, which originate from the distinctive wine-making process. This process , that contributes to the smoky caramelised tones, involves sun-drying the grapes before pressing and fermentin and it’s actually a documented ancient wine-making style that dates back to 800BC, making Commandaria the oldest named wine still in production.

This sweet wine, that is often mistaken for a liqueur, usually reaches an alcoholic content of up to 20%. All four major wine producers in Cyprus mass produce their own brand of the wine, but it is also produced by local wine producers in the 14 villages on the foothills of the mountain range of Troodos.

This wine that has been enjoyed for millennia, by crusaders, knights and kings, is said to have been also served at the wedding of Richard the Lionheart in Cyprus, who referred to it as “the wine of kings and the king of wines”. So it comes as no surprise, that it is also believed that Commandaria won the first ever wine tasting competition held by Philip Augustus of France in the 13th century.

Therefore, if you want to taste a bit of history or feel like a king for a while, open up a bottle of the delicious Commandaria wine and let its’ smells and flavours take you on a journey through time and legend!


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