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Cyprus From Air, once again discovering the truly hidden gems of the island, which remain unknown and untouched by civilisation.Cyprus from AirCyprus from AirCyprus from Air“Four kilometers of incredible natural beauty. We had to swim several times in the chilled water of the river to get to the gorge. A natural gorge that is vibrating with life, as the absence of human intervention leaves unspoilt birds and plants. Bumblebees, plantains and a body but trees that obviously the seeds traveled several kilometers with the flow of the river. The place is not accessible to ordinary mountaineers or visitors, as there are several altitudes in many places, with sharp cliffs. ”

Cyprus from AirCyprus from AirCyprus from AirInside this magic of naturethe CFA’s explorers also spotted a small house, such as that of Hansel and Gretel, hidden in the woods near the gorge.


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