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We went to @Lidl Cyprus, got fresh and tasty sweet products and prepared the well-known “Amygdalota”. The famous almond sweets are definitely a must try Cypriot sweet. Easy to make, yummy and prepared in small bites, ideal even for those who want to enjoy sweets in small dosages. Enjoy the recipe!


4 glasses of blanched “Bellcake” almonds

2 glasses of powdered sugar

5 tablespoons of rosewater

1 teaspoon of “Bellcake” cocoa powder

1 glass of crystal “Bellcake” sugar (for sprinkling)

A few dried carnations



Add the blanched almonds in the blender

Add the powdered sugar in the blender

Add the “Bellcake” cocoa Powder in the blender

Add the rosewater in the blender


– Empty the mixture in a glass bowl

– Form the mixture into small balls

– Wrap the “Amygdalota” with crystal sugar

– Place the “Amygdalota” in paper liners

– Dress each “Amygdaloto” with dried carnation



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