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Churches around the world have long been pilgrimage sites for travellers – not only for religious reasons but also for their incredible architecture and unusual locations. They can be found below the ground or on the edge of a cliff and some are even straddling two different countries. The Dailymail made a list of some of the quirkiest churches around the world that you can still visit today.

churchesAmongst these was the Ayioi Saranta cave church in Protaras, Cyprus. Little is known about this cave church in Protaras but some intrepid travellers have managed to locate it, and its simplicity and the way that it could be the same today as a thousand years ago is perhaps its biggest attraction to visitors. churcheschurchesOther churches featured on the list were the Church of St George in Ethiopia, the St Michel d’Aiguilhe in France, the Las Lajas Sanctuary in Colombia, the Church of Panagia Paraportiani in Greece, the Saint Augustine Church in the Philippines and the Cathedral of Brasilia in Brazil.



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