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Trahanas or Avgolemoni? Or both? We went to Lidl Cyprus, got the right products and came up with two alternative recipes of the two most famous traditional soups in Cyprus. Try them and let us know of your feedback!



Cypriot Trahanas soup

Duration:  35-40 minutes

Serves: 6



1 1/2 cups dried Trahanas

6 cups of water or Vegetable/Chicken broth

Halloumi cheese (as much as you like)


Black Pepper

2-3 medium ripe tomatoes peeled (optional)



Put water along with trahanas in a casserole and bring to a boil.

Stir until trahanas dissolves and add the juice from the tomatoes.

Add a chicken or vegetable broth and a little salt and black pepper.

Add halloumi cut into big cubes.

Lower to medium heat and leave the soup in the fire until fully cooked.

If your trahanas is too thick, add more water. The soup is served warm.




Cypriot Avgolemoni soup

Duration: 35-40 minutes

Serves: 6



1 cup of rice

5 cups chicken broth

2 eggs

1/3 cup lemon juice


Parsley for garnish

Salt and pepper



Boil the broth and add the rice.

Add 1-2 Tbsps olive oil if you wish

Stir from time to time.

We turn off the fire.

We beat the eggs well and add the lemon, salt and pepper.

Add the broth to the egg mixture, stirring continuously.

Finally, add the egg-lemon to the casserole and stir continuously.

Put the casserole back in the fire to a boil and serve the soup with shredded chicken, lemon and black pepper.

Garnish with fresh parsley.





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