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According to the latest data of animal welfare organisations working in Cyprus, the cat population now reaches 1.5 million, with more cats than humans inhabiting the island.

The uncontrolled breeding, mainly due to their non-sterilisation either by their owners or by the absence of the state program, is a major problem.

The cat shelters today are overcrowded and can not accommodate larger number, while every city has developed an informal human protection network who love cats and undertake the care offering food and water, or by creating in different central locations feed stations where everyone can leave food for the animals.

Recently, the Council of Ministers approved a € 75,000 envelope for sterilisation of stray cats, which is still not enough to slow down population growth. The “Animal Party” welcomed the decision in his statements, but warned that money should be used in a correct and effective way. To create a specialised program that will be on a permanent basis to deal with the problem in the long term.

The only way to tackle the overcrowding of cats in Cyprus, states, is that the state will approve a budget of 100 thousand euros for a five-year period.


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