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According to supporters, more needs to be done in Cyprus to promote diving for disabled, as well as providing better access to the sea and dive sites. Sean Flynn, of Freedom Divers, expressed that it’s fantastic to see people with disabilities in the water, as the feeling of weightlessness is wonderful. The instructor explained that most people can dive, no matter what their disability may be. In fact, only a handful of medical conditions would prevent diving.

Sean is a fully qualified PADI instructor (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) and also as a disabled diving instructor with DDI – Disabled Divers International. He noted that attitude towards disabled divers in Cyprus needs to change and that when this happens, the island can become a popular destination for disabled divers around the world.

Cyprus is a great destination for disabled divers as the climate is good and there are a multitude of interesting dive sites. However, more accessible beaches with boardwalks onto them and changing facilities and some accessible boats to take wheelchair users to would greatly help to improve things.

Sean is also a firm believer in the benefits of scuba diving, particularly for the disabled. The diving instructor is also running DDI- disabled diver’s international- courses, for people with disabilities and is passionate that everyone should be offered a chance to enjoy the water.



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