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This project explores everyday life moments captured in black and white emotions.

Maria Moisa is an aspiring photographer, who doesn’t have a professional camera and yet manages to express through images.

Each image has a distanced and yet silenced message by the absence of the colours; beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.


“I love the peace and the inspiration that the sea gives me, makes me wonder sometimes if I am a mix of salt, water and sand. My images are pretty much like the sea, calm, wavy, stormy at times and yet they manage to inspire the imagination and bring joy to those who are exploring them”, says Maria.

Everybody seems to come at the beach to forget about their worries, to enjoy the present, feel the sand, look at the sea and connect with the waves.

Maria continues by saying:

“I have always believed that there’s nothing more beautiful than a walk on the beach or getting lost in the city on a sunny or rainy day. Living on this beautiful island, for the last three years, taught me to find joy in simple things, capture emotions in different states and colours and embrace life as it comes”.


Her project is just the beginning of a long journey towards discovering beautiful stories in a magical place.

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