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The modern name of the island, Cyprus, is mentioned in Homer’s “Iliad” , but there are many legends concerning the origin of the island’s name.

Some say that it comes from a small tree called “Cyprida”, which was grwon in Arabia, Persia and Egypt and was brought here by the island’s first inhabitants.

Others believe that the island was named after one of the Cyprus cities located in the northern part of island (between Ankanthou and Kerinia).

According to another legend, the word “kipris” refers to the goddess Aphrodite, who Homer called Kiprida. After all, according to Mythology Cyprus was the birthplace of the goddess of  love, beauty and fertility.

Another suggestion is that the island of Cyprus has been named in honour of the son or daughter of the king Kinir, whose name is mentioned by Homer, although the genealogy of the family was lost in the myths of antiquity.

Finally, the most popular, and perhaps most credible story, is that the island was named in honour of Copper, as Cyprus was one of the first countries that began processing copper and mining led to an explosion in the economy of the island.


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