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Cyprus Seeds is one of the Finalists for the category “Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative”. According to the Global Startup Awards, a “Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative” is a startup initiative that has empowered and supported entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. A startup ecosystem initiative can be an event, a program, a project, an agenda, initiated by individuals, community building organizations, corporates, and governments.

The Global Startup Awards have as mission to find, connect, support and celebrate key players in national and regional startup ecosystems worldwide and to fuse them together on a global entrepreneurial network, creating a matrix of opportunities for international partnerships, investment opportunities and commercial exchange.

The South European Startup Awards include Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Malta, and Greece.

The public voting is now OPEN! The National Winner of each country, per category, is going to compete on the Regional Level. Cyprus Seeds needs your help: VOTE HERE


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