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There are many things you can say about the Greeks. Famous for their precious contribution to architecture, philosophy, democracy and the arts, today they are mostly known for their carefree attitude to life and all its troubles, which can always be cured with a good meze, spectacular sea views and a chilled glass of ouzo.

The world-renowned Greek cuisine leaves nothing to be desired and the country’s love of food is second to none. It is a regal process that celebrates all the finer things in life. Fresh Mediterranean ingredients, simple yet stunning flavours, good wine, great company and precious moments of relaxation. Find out how to harness this unique way of eating in 4+1 very simple steps, and transform an often thoughtless, everyday process, into a truly pleasurable way of life.

  • Take your time: Eating can be an all-day affair in Greece, and Cyprus follows suit, where feast and fanfare go hand in hand. Forget quick fixes and make sure you “make a night out of it” at least once a week, taking the opportunity to meet up with old friends or reignite passions with a stress-free date night.
  • Sit back and relax: Let others cater to your every need and treat yourself to at least a few meals a month, at a restaurant known for its excellent service, just like you’d find on a summery evening, in the heart of Athens or on the Greek islands.
  • Select the right ambience: Setting the mood for a meal is a big deal in Greece, which is why you will often find seaside restaurants with minimal designs and open-air spaces where one can enjoy the smell of fresh herbs and the coastal breeze in all its glory.
  • Keep it Greek and simple: Choosing Greek cuisine is a sure-fire way to optimize your dining experience. With simple techniques that focus on fresh quality ingredients and old-school favourites, a carefully crafted Greek menu will tantalize your taste buds every time.

Additional Tip: Head straight for Avli tou Vasilea

Make sure you visit Avli tou Vasilea in Limassol, to tick every box in your ‘feast like a king’ checklist and eat like Greek royalty. This exceptional traditional tavern is set in a beautiful historic house and charms visitors with a colourful courtyard and garden filled with alluring scents of mint, sage, basil and oregano.

Here, you will enjoy premium service with friendly staff and exquisite meals under the stars that will make you feel you like you are holidaying in Greece for a few hours. Enjoy the popular meze with an array of flavourful dishes or choose from the A La Carte menu for lovingly-made salads, traditional dips and appetizers as well as oven baked and grilled specials paired with remarkable local and international wines. Top it all off with a choice of classic desserts and a casual walk down the promenade to slow down and take the moment in fully, just the way the Greeks do… one deliciously satisfying meal at a time.

Visit Avli to Vasilea adjacent to Columbia Plaza, at Ag. Andreou in Limassol and call 25 278000 for reservations. More information.


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