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Around 300 students from Nicosia have made a stunning quilt that they gifted to Paphos, as it is the European capital of culture 2017, an honour it shares with Aarhus in Denmark. They gifted the quilt as part of the “schools in action” section of Pafos2017, which aims to pass Cypriot culture and traditions on to a new generation.

Some of the students who were a part of the program, accompanied the quilt along with teachers and parents, to an event held at the ethnographical museum in Paphos over the weekend.

Dia Germanou, one of the three teachers involved in the Pafos2017 ‘schools in action program,’ said that the initiative was started by a group of school teachers in Nicosia months ago. ‘Quilt making is one of the traditional professions that is dying out. The inspiration came from a traditional story called ‘The present of the quilt maker’,” she said. “This story highlights the joy that an individual gets from offering things to people.”

The teachers involved in the program, received training from actual quilt makers in order to pass on heir newly acquired skills to their students. The children then went on to choose different subjects relating to Cypriot culture and tradition and to create individual squares. These squares, each of which was personal, were then sewn together to form a large quilt measuring around 3x 3m. The quilt then formed the basis for ‘The journey to culture,’ which saw it visit dozens of venues in different towns, including, galleries, schools and village community boards.

Eighty-five-year-old Chryso Iliades, owner of the ethnographical museum in Paphos, said she was delighted with the gift, which will be displayed once a suitable wall space is cleared. “This is like a beautiful painting, it gives beauty to the whole museum. The colours and subjects are wonderful and it’s an amazing creation,” she said.


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