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With great success, the European Capital of Culture of Paphos 2017 marked the opening of the exhibition “Paphos: Myth, History, Landscape” last Friday night.  The exhibition is a tribute to the town of Paphos for the European honour that was attributed to it. The first objective was to present the landscape. From the landscape the exhibition leads to myths, with Aphrodite dominating as a symbol. The historical references go along with the myth.

The president of Paphos 2017, Dr. Christos Patsalidis, after having embraced Kostas Serezis’s praise, said that this is another significant report of the Cultural Capital of Europe, with 16 eminent Cypriots and 16 distinguished artists who are taking part in 83 projects in an excellent depiction of the place through the Mythical and historical elements. The results cover almost all the techniques and represented as many genres as possible: painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, mosaics, tapestries, photography. Christos Patsalidis, thanked all the volunteers who tirelessly staffed all reports for a successful Capital of Culture.

For the exhibition a bilingual, luxurious edition of art is published in both Greek and English. The prologue refers to the Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite, who was depicted as an archetype in the history of painting. In the introductory text, the historical significance of Paphos is analyzed through cultural elements and the significance attributed to it by its selection as a Cultural Capital is highlighted. The publication includes all the works of the exhibition, which are analyzed separately, each with a special note.

The author of the publication and curator of the exhibition, Kostas Serezis,  notes that “The building “At sea “, into the port, by the sea, with a small castle in the background, sets sail to take the artist on an artistic journey in a world which serves beauty and submits the value of art. An exhibition for a big crowd, which will purposely cover a big part of the summer. The Nobel laureate poet George Seferis, who “discovered” the island in the 50s and then ruled that “Cyprus miracle still works”, delivered with emphasis that “artistic creation is never only with what we see” . Such approaches have been pursued by the exhibition in which we honor the fact that, in Europe of great achievements, with the global and decisive importance in the field of culture, Paphos will be considered for one year its cultural capital.

The exhibtion includes : Alexander (Moustakas), Athena Antoniades, Katerina Vavlitis, Marcos Veni, Chrysa Vergi, Marina Vernikou, Varvara Georgiou, Constantine Giannikouris Katerina Giannikouri-Genikova Christodoulos Galtemis, Aristotelis Demetriou Christos Caras, Maro Kerasioti, Katia Kolefas , John Kormpitz George Kotsonis George Cyprus, Andreas Ladommatos Kostis Moudatsos Vangelis Moustakas, Rafail Mpaikas, Angelos Panagiotidis, Doros Partasides Konstantinos Rammos Sotiris Sorogas Dimitris Talianis Costas Tsoklis, Chris Wretch, Hambis Andreas Charalambides, Michalis Charalambidis, Andreas Charalambous.


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