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If you are in need of an adventurous day mixed with relaxation and gorgeous views add Cape Greko to your to do list. The experience consists of a variety of things to enjoy.

Cape Greko or as they call it Cavo Greko, is a place of tranquility and natural beauty. It’s located in Ammochostos district just few minutes aways from Ayia Napa. It’s also home to a protected nature park.

You can find quite a lot of reasons to visit but below we listed our recommendations in order for you to experience it the best way possible and enjoy every moment to the fullest while you are there.

Walk and indulge

Walk the nature trail and enjoy the beautiful views and turquoise waters. The walking routes are filled with junipers and pine trees. Cape Greko is declared as a national forest park and it consists of 9 nature trails. Some of the most famous routes are: Aphrodite, Ayioi Anaryiroi, Ayioi Anaryiroi-Thalassines Spilies/Sea caves and Cavos route.

Eat with a view

Prepare a bag of your favourites and enjoy a lunch with an amazing view at Ayioi Anaryiroi picnic site. The site has an altitude of 40 meters and it can hosts 100 persons. Ayioi Anaryiroi picnic site is managed by the Forestry Department in Cyprus. Moreover, it is located near the Ayioi Anaryiroi Chapel. This will be one of the most relaxing lunches you will ever have in your life.

ayioi anaryiroi picnic site cape greko

Visit Ayioi Anaryiroi Chapel

The small chapel, Ayioi Anaryiroi is found on the Eastern side and is devoted to Ayios Damianos and Ayios Kosmas or as they call them Omosianoi Saints. According to tradition, they were both doctors who treated people for free and while they were travelling in the sea, their boat was pushed and turned by rough weather into a cave. That cave became a chapel and today there you can find holy water or Ayiasma under the rock. Ayii Anargyri is the new chapel that was build above the cave.

Many couples choose this special place for their wedding since is one of the most romantic places to say I do.

ayioi anaryiroi chapel cape greko

Explore the sea caves

Sea caves are a great place for snorkelling, kayaking, diving, boat trips or even cliff jumping for the more adventurous. This is the most photographed area in Cyprus without a doubt since it is phenomenal.

sea caves cape greko

Take your photo at the bridges

Two very famous bridges in this area are Kamara tou Koraka and Monachus Monachus arch. They are created by nature and the are true masterpieces. Visiting them is a must while you are there.

kamara tou koraka cape greko

Last but not least end your day admiring the gorgeous sunset and leave your worries away.

sunset cape greko

This trip will leave you feeling zen and recharged with your mind and body feeling calm and ready to take on the next big adventure. One more reason to fall in love with Cyprus.


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