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I’m learning Cypriot Greek (Matheno Kipriaka)

The I’m learning Cypriot Greek (Matheno Kipriaka) textbook is the first attempt to systematically record the learning of Cypriot Greek. This is how express ourselves in less formal environments. Using the local variety of Modern Greek, our Cypriot Greek (Kipriaka) which has some differences from standard modern standard Greek primarily in its phonetics, morphology, and syntax. This beautifully illustrated manual is based on the conversational use of the language and it is designed as an auxiliary and supplementary learning aid for both student and teacher and is further augmented by vocals soon to be found on its dedicated YouTube channel.

It fills a huge gap in the language learning tools that the linguist comes into contact with in the classroom. The manual includes simple dialogues, a useful and necessary vocabulary, common expressions and greetings that represent the current linguistic reality of Cyprus.

The manual also has the potential to save time and effort in order to facilitate the lifestyle of the person living and working in Cyprus.

Watch the relevant video for the book here.

Anastasis Pissourios was born in Cyprus in 1980. He graduated from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Patras in Greece and continued his studies with an MA in Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University in the UK. He lived and worked in London for ten years before moving back to Cyprus last year. Whilst in London, he taught Greek as well as Greek-Cypriot as a second language. He currently lives in Nicosia and continues to work as a teacher.

Additional information on the book, its content, and all those who contributed to its creation can be found on the book’s dedicated website Matheno Kipriaka. You can get the book from here.


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