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FLYING AWAY ART AND MUSIC FESTIVAL,the most beautiful and the most creative Art and Music Festival in Cyprus is flying us all over the island with a little help from its loving audience!  People from all over Cyprus are showing their support by taking photos with the festival’s flyers and that makes us feel confident that this year’s festival will be definitely the most beautiful and the biggest so far.


As the team explained ‘Flying Away Festival is the only one in Cyprus that combines art, music and activities for everyone and here you will experience special moments with your loved ones, your family, your children and your dogs.’ So  we guess on September the 7th, 8th and 9th, we’ll see you at Orfeas stadium in Nicosia, from 18:00 until midnight!

Stay tuned and learn more on the official Facebook page of the most loving Festival of Cyprus /// Tel.: 7008 71 71


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