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Reflect Festival, a future-casting event with Cypriot roots, will take place at the home of each participant this year. As the largest event of its kind in the region, it will connect businesspeople, corporates, startups, academia, entrepreneurs, students, and tech & science enthusiasts, both local and international. The organizers have decided to move the event solely to virtual space amid the growing number of Covid-19 cases. “Until the very last minute, we hoped a physical event will be possible this year, but it would simply be irresponsible. Nevertheless, we are going ahead with a rich festival program online, and we remain dedicated to our mission to (re)connect people who can shape change,” says Stylianos Lambrou, co-founder of the festival.

Reflect will take place in the course of 3 days – on October 8, 9, and 10. The moderated, entertaining program will run from a virtual studio in Limassol, Cyprus, where speakers from all over the world, as well as Cypriot thought leaders, will join remotely. “We are working hard to prepare an experience I’d compare to your favorite talk show. It will be dynamic, it will be fun, and it will include opportunities to network and arrange meetings as well,” Lambrou explains.

This year’s event is supported by the Research Innovation & Foundation which is the proud Platinum Sponsor. The list of valued sponsors includes among others Elias Neocleous & Co LLC, Hellenic Bank, Cablenet, Invest Cyprus, KPMG, Antwork Limassol, Youth Board of Cyprus and GAP Vassilopoulos Group.

One of a kind agenda during Digital Reflect

The 3-day program will paint a holistic picture of our severely disrupted future, be it technological advancements, next steps after the crisis, or the environment around us. The presenters will tackle topics such as future society, money & economy, and future of business. Besides that, “human” subjects will be presented as well – speakers will share their thoughts on happiness & self-development, future of relationships, and productivity. “All we want is to remind people that the only way is forward. This edition’s main mission is to connect those eager to be a part of the inevitable reset of the way we live and conduct business,” says the organization team. “While we’re happy that there is a way to meet even during a pandemic, we also can’t wait to gather our community in flesh for the 2021 physical edition,” they add. The date will be confirmed after the 2020 festival takes place.

Some of the top-notch speakers that will join Digital Reflect this year are:

  • Claude Silver: the world’s first Chief Heart Officer, right hand of Gary Vaynerchuk in VaynerMedia
  • Yossi Vardi: one of Israel’s first high-tech entrepreneurs. For over 47 years he has founded and helped to build over 85 high-tech companies
  • Bryony Cole: the world’s leading authority on sextech and future of sex
  • Petr Ludwig: the author of a bestselling book The End of Procrastination, keynote speaker and the founder of GrowJob Institute
  • Christian Maats: over 130k views of his TEDx talk about product design changing the world, designer of the world’s first fully biodegradable shoes
  • John Vervaeke: Psychology and Cognitive Science Professor at University of Toronto, famous for his application of both science and spirituality on solving the meaning crisis
  • Mona Ataya: CEO&Founder of Mumzworld, one of the most infuential women in the Arab world

Be one of the limited Heart Cyprus ticket-holders with full access to the 3-days digital event

Want to experience the 3-days virtual event from the comfort of your home? Send us an email at expressing your interest and be one of the premium attendees at Reflect.

Reflect Impact Awards 2020 

Reflect Impact Awards, a pivotal part of the festival, are initiating a powerful competition, underlining the high potentials Cyprus has to become a hub of high impactful startups and innovation.

Supported by Research Innovation & Foundation and Invest Cyprus, the vision is to promote our magnificent island around the world as an ideal heart of business activities and expansion. Reflect Impact Awards are giving the opportunity to hundreds of startups around the world to participate and present their novel ideas which will add impact to our challenging future.

Cyprus is a modern, cosmopolitan, transparent business centre offering opportunities for investment across a wide range of sectors. The aim of Reflect festival founders together with the active support of Invest Cyprus and the Research Innovation & Foundation is to build on an innovation ecosystem that will continuously embrace development in all its manifestations and become a pillar of sustainable growth.

More than 200 international startups with a noble purpose have already applied for Reflect Impact Awards. With the deadline for registration being September 9th, further additions from all over the world are to be expected. “Our wildest expectations have already been exceeded. We are thrilled to associate Reflect with those startups which relentlessly work on innovative solutions that help build a better new normal,” explains Stylianos Lambrou, the co-founder of Reflect Festival. “The home of Reflect, Cyprus, is booming with incentives and opportunities for businesses, and we are happy to shed some light on those companies which truly deserve it,” he adds. 

See you at Digital Reflect next week. An experience not to be missed out!


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