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Ray Woolley spent his 94th birthday diving at the sunken wreck of the Zenobia ferry in Larnaca, in a bid for a Guinness World Record as the world’s oldest scuba diver.The record was previously held by Erwin Paul Staller, who was born on 14 May 1921, and completed a dive at Grace Bay in the Turks & Caicos, on October 24, 2014 at the age of 93 years and 163 days.

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Ray needed to dive below 12 metres for 30 minuted to break the record, but he chose to dive to a depth of 38.1 metres for 41 minutes. The entire process was filmed, photographed and documented in line with guidelines approved by Guinness World Records and Ray will know if he has officially set the record in about two or three months.

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The 94-year-old admitted that he likes the attention he has garnered over the last few years and feels privileged he is still fit enough to be able to dive on a regular basis. He is an advocate of healthy living and has never smoked. He swims for two hours a day in his swimming pool and he believes staying active is very important. He also feels terribly sorry for other people his age who are struggling a bit and may not be in the condition he is lucky enough to be in.


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