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The number of tourist arrivals rose by 14% last month to 472,450 visitors, which is the highest number of tourists ever recorded during June.

According to Cystat, arrivals from all countries increased in June, except the UK and Russia. However, on an annual level arrivals from the UK and Russia did rise by 58% to 209,369. Arrivals from the UK, traditionally the main source of incoming tourism, rose by 1.2% to 150,532 while those from Russia rose by 2.1% to 129,890.

In comparison to last year, arrivals from Israel rose by 89% last month to 28,044, while those from Sweden rose by 25% to 21,136, those from Germany rose by 93% to 18,363, and those from Greece rose by 9.8% to 18,185. On the contrary, arrivals from Ukraine dropped by 28% to 7,382 and those from France dropped by 19% to 2,772.

According to Cystat, total arrivals from January to June compared to last year rose by 17% to 1,463,206. Arrivals from the UK rose by 9.7% in the first half of the year, while those from Russia rose by 11% to 332,982.

In June, the percentage of visitors from the UK amounted to 32% of the total arrivals, whereas last year they amounted to 36%. Meanwhile the percentage of visitors from Russia amounted to 28% of the total arrivals, whereas last year they amounted to 31%.

Cystat also noted that the number of Cypriots who travelled abroad last month rose 9.4% per cent to 110,235.


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