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KV’s vision is to support Cyprus-based new entrepreneurs and established Cypriot Companies looking to maximize the value of their enterprise by accessing the U.S. one of the largest and most opportunistic markets in the global economy.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (May 2019) — Kinisis Ventures Limited (KV), a business accelerator focused on identifying, preparing and creating growth opportunities for Cypriot companies entering the U.S. market, celebrates the anniversary of its first year of business and announces their partnering with seven dynamic Cyprus-based companies; each looking for Stateside experience, access to revenue and business networks, strategic business insights and expertise in order to reach maximum growth potential.

“Kinisis Ventures’ inaugural year focused on identifying up-and-coming and established Cyprus-based companies that are relevant to our niche Stateside business experience and investor networks,” says Andreas Panayi, co-founder of KV and based in the United States “ We achieved our first year’s goal and engaged with a strong group of companies that demonstrate an array of exponential growth potential, scalable value propositions and most importantly, they can compete in the United States.”

Some of the finest and most successful Cyprus-based companies such as Ltd, as well as USbased companies with offices in Cyprus like PROTOIO Inc., are now our partners and together we are helping develop their U.S growth strategies,” continues Panayi. “Younger companies such as coprime, Lemon Labs Ltd, Threedium, Heroes Made Ltd, and Hydrogen Energy Systems Ltd are also part of our acceleration portfolio leveraging our business and capital networks as they plot their strategic entry into the US market.”

“Being on the ground in Cyprus, our goal has been to pinpoint and pursue the business potential that is evolving throughout the island,” added Yiannos Georgiades, co-founder of Kinisis Ventures and locally based in Nicosia, Cyprus. “We work very closely with Cyprus-based partners such as the newly established office of the Cyprus Republic National Chief Scientist for Research & Innovation, IDEA Incubator/Accelerator, and Chrysalis LEAP to support and help promote the island’s business innovation.

“It is not often that you find a hand-picked group of experts with deep local market experience to help guide your expansion strategies in big markets like the US; but even more important is finding a group of professionals that understand your culture and have a true passion and interest to see CY companies succeed overseas” said Costas Sisamos, Founder and CEO of Engino Toy Systems, one of Cyprus’ most prominent entrepreneurial success stories.

“We are delighted to have Kinisis Ventures as part of the Cypriot business ecosystem. The partnership between our two organizations is already producing tangible value with two of our graduated companies partnering with KV to explore their US expansion strategy” added Angela Panayiotou, Manager IDEA Incubator – Accelerator, Bank of Cyprus.

With 2019 well underway, the company will continue to focus its energy to supporting its seven partners Stateside while continuing to build the entrepreneurial bridge between Cyprus and the United States; “It is our priority, and a critical part of our mission as an organization, to prove that Cypriot companies can compete and succeed among the most competitive world markets” said Panayi. “Our focus now is to deliver our first tangible proof of success stories so we can begin the branding of CY in the USA as a source for competitive, innovative and successful businesses.



Kinisis Ventures Limited (KV), based in Cyprus, with presence in New York, is led by co-founders U.S.- based Andreas Panayi, CY-based Yiannos Georgiades and a seven-person Advisory Board that has more than 200 years of combined USA business experience in branding, marketing/sales, technology, finance, accounting, operations management, legal and entrepreneurship. A business accelerator organization focused exclusively on identifying, preparing and scaling Cyprus-based companies to engage in the United States market, KV is focused on augmenting Cypriot ingenuity in industries such as technology, travel & tourism, renewable energy, healthcare and consumer packaged goods For more information, please visit,



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