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The 6 municipalities of the province of Limassol are looking for a bid to install LED lamps to save energy and resources, acting upon the policy for energy efficient municipalities in Limassol.

The large-scale project will include the complete installation of the appropriate LED poles and lamps to replace traditional lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps. Road lighting only in the Limassol municipality costs the citizens more than €600 thousand a year, which is expected to decrease by half with the change of lamps.

The expenditure will be reimbursed by the amount that will be saved in the following 4 to 7 years, depending on the terms of the agreement that will arise. The increase in energy efficiency is a matter of concern to the Municipality of Limassol, according to the Mayor, Nikos Nikolaidis, and for this purpose more comprehensive studies are being prepared. In this context, the lighting of the building facilities of the Municipality will also be with LED lamps, while in some buildings photovoltaics will be installed.


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