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If there is one thing that stands out in Lefkara it is the colorful alleys that we so often have the urge to capture in a picture that will manage to transfer our excitement to the viewer. It’s one of those places that make you want to visit it again and again. A destination that can be associated with your perfect Sunday day trip; and we can all acknowledge how special Sundays are for anyone!

The scenery of the village is made up of distinctive architecture and very characteristic houses created with the local white stone and terracotta roofs. The narrow curvy paths of the village are filled with lively colors, beautiful doors and flowers providing visitors with a welcoming essence.

The unique atmosphere that the place holds is based on the rich history of Lefkara and the fact that many artists and artisans lived and still live there. Let’s not forget that it’s the place where the renowned traditional lace embroidery of our island known as ‘Lefkaritika’ was initiated. According to a rumor, Leonardo Da Vinci visited Lefkara in 1481 to buy lace linen for a donation he later made to a Milan cathedral. Another art that thrived in Lefkara during the 20th century is silversmith’s craft.

The cosmopolitan village is very popular amongst locals as well as tourists that choose to spend their days exploring the streets of Lefkara and the treasures they have to offer. Some of the activities one can do include paying a visit to the Folk Art Museum, seeing the church of Timios Stavors or just simply enjoy a coffee at one of the cosy coffee shops at the energetic Lefkara Village and its beautifully lined colorful streets.

Here are some Instagram photos of people who visited Lefkara and couldn’t resist taking a photo of its picturesque alleys!

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