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The renowned party spot of Avia Napa might be the last place you’d expect to hear about mythical beings or monsters. However, there has been stories of a sea creature around these south-eastern shores of the island for years. In fact, some even call it the Cyprus Loch Ness Monster. Scotland may have the Loch Ness Monster, while Norway has the Kraken, the Himalayas have the Yeti and America has Bigfoot and Cyprus has too has it’s own resident behemoth.

The beast is thought to lurk in the waters around Cape Greko, a rocky cliff-face where Famagusta Bay protrudes out, with sightings of the mythical monster stretching back to Roman times. Reports state it drags away fishing nets, but other than that it is known to be gentle and kind and does not harm any local residents or visitors. This is why the locals have named it “To Filiko Teras”, meaning the friendly monster.

cape greco monster

So, take a boat trip around the magnificent waters of the area and find out for yourself if it is simply an imaginary creature of local legend or folklore, or if it is indeed lurking in our seas.


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