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Mackenzie Beach is close to Larnaca International Airport and because of this there you can experience something very unique. Imagine while you are swimming, an aeroplane passing few meters over your head. The feeling you get is unbelievable and for sure it takes your breath away.

So how did Mackenzie got its name? The story begins around the end of the 1940s, when a Scottish resident of Larnaca named McKenzie, married to a Greek Cypriot from Larnaca and built for his own use a casual building in the seaside area of today’s center.

It is a very long beach with fine grey sand. The sea is usually very calm and very clean, and the pedestrian walk alongside the beach makes the walk a beautiful experience. Its length is 1,000 meters and its width ranges from 35 to 80 meters.

The beach is accredited with the Blue Flag. There are many beach amenities such as toilets, locker rooms,sun beds, umbrellas, experienced lifeguards with lifeguard equipment and First Aid. Close to the beach there are many fish taverns, restaurants, famous beach bars and small grocery stores. The beach can be reached easily and safely by bus, car or on foot. There is also a car park nearby.

Once you are there, be prepared and have your camera ready.

Here are some Instagram photos from people who visited that prove this is one in a lifetime experience and definitely worth capturing.

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