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Marco Polo is the new development project, of two towers of 25 and 16 floors respectively, in the area of ​​Ayios Tychonas in Limassol, which will include 96 apartments and shops. The €60 million Gardelia Ltd project is about to secure the licenses so that it will be completed in the spring of 2021. The project will be developed in the wider area where the Golden Arches hotel was in total An area of ​​23,500 square meters, which has been demolished.

Excavations are being excavated by the Department of Antiquities at the time, as part of the construction of the project. A large grave was already found, and there is a cave. After the excavation, the Department of Antiquities will also decide the future of the tomb, whether it will be listed or whether it will be preserved and promoted. It is noted that in the former Golden Arches hotel, several ancient tombs were found when the hotel was built. It is noted that it has been decided in collaboration with the Department of Antiquities to highlight the archaeological finds found in the southern part of the development area.

The developers of the project argue that the implementation of the proposed development is aimed at upgrading Amathountas boulevard and the Limassol coastal road with the enrichment of the residential and tourist product of the area and the provision of commercial services to the citizens of Limassol.

The project will include a 25-storey tower in the southwestern part of the development area with a shop on the ground floor of the building, a 16-story tower in the southeastern part of the development area with a restaurant on the ground floor of the building. Also, for development purposes, a two-level underground parking space will be built, a private green space for exclusive use by developers in the northern part of the development, a communal square open to the public in the southern part of the development area, two fountains in the southern part of the area Development and swimming pools for private use by the penthouse occupants on the tower ceilings. In the proposed development, a total of 313 parking spaces will be provided, of which 23 will be set up for disabled people.


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