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The non-profit performance company “MITRA” presents “PRAYER”. The nonprofit company MITRA was founded in 2012 following the initiative of choreographer Marina Pogiatzi. It embraces artists from the fields of dance, theater, music and visual arts, with a strong focal point on the human body. The group inspires its name from the Greek word matrix, which states the place, the focus of the creation of a new life. Metaphorically, MITRA is the place to create the artistic work.

The work itself is a wish for personal and collective redemption in the quest for unraveling the true destination of the soul.The project draws on references from Greek mythology in which the heroes symbolised notions of excess and transcendence.

The show is sponsored by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture.


Production: MITRA Performance Company
Performances’ Dates: 29, 30/ 9 and  7, 14 & 15 / 10 Time: 20.30
Location: Studio-Gallery Ilias Venizis 17, Strovolos Nicosia
General entrance: 8 Euros  Reservations: 99027399
Limited seat numbers


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