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Molos, the multifunctional park of Limassol, is one of the most beautiful parks in the Mediterranean basin. It is the perfect place for a late night summer stroll or fun daytime activities, with a little something to offer to everyone.

Molos is the perfect place in Limassol for a daytime family walk, with hundreds of trees, green spaces, walkways and playgrounds. There are even sculptures by Greek Cypriots and Greeks and from international artists to admire throughout the park. You can even rent a bike from the rental points and the bike lanes and ramps for skateboarding make it a perfect place to enjoy fun activities like rollerblading, cycling or skateboarding with friends and family. While the restaurant-cafés, like the Yellow Lounge Café Delice, offer a perfect place to sit and relax, enjoying your cold frappe during hot summer days. At night, it is a very romantic place for an evening stroll, with many stands selling charcoal sweet corn during the summer.

Here are 10 instagram photos that capture the beauty of Molos:

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