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“We make brunch more cheerful, sociable and exciting. Brunch is not just another choice of well-eating. We give another perspective to the concept: we transform brunching into an extravagant day party.” – The Brunch team
The first event of THE BRUNCH was just a success! Patio Cocktail Bar was full house, from early on on Saturday the 25th of November. An extravagant day event, with rich buffet, the tastiest champagne, the most creative artistic touches, amazing shows and of course the most surprising way of serving champagne!

Don’t miss the 2 upcoming events on the 24th of December and 31st of December 2017 from 12pm-17:00 at Patio Cocktail Bar in the most elegant, festive atmosphere in Nicosia. Another 2 exciting Brunch events, with lots of surprises and much more of creativity!

Some highlights from the previous event

The artist who was live-painting the event, created a real masterpiece

The most surprising way of serving champagne for those you purchased the “Tasting the Stars” package

Tasting the stars! ✨🥂

Gepostet von The Brunch am Sonntag, 26. November 2017

The shows

For reservations for the BRUNCH events on 24.12.17 & 31.12.17 please call 22 664488


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