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The President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, received the Working Group on the Creation of an Observatory in the Troodos region at the Presidential Palace. After the meeting, Troodos Development Director Mrs. Klelia Vassiliou told reporters that they are delighted and the difficult part of the project is now.

She added that the team includes, among others, the Department of Forests, the Troodos Development Company, the Wildlife Council – the area where the Troodos Observatory will be built – as well as the University of Nicosia, which undertakes the issue of digital applications and technological issues involve the creation of the project.

They are already undergoing the final talks on signing the financing agreement that will be made within the next few days and they are ready to get started. The project in its entirety is going to cost about 1.6 million euros for Cyprus, as the approval has come out. Of the approximately 1.6 million, 800 thousand are allocated to the building. The remaining amount would be allocated for the equipment, for the paths that will be made, for the Troodos gates, but also for the general improvement of the forest area.

She stated that they are now in the process of drafting the terms of tender for the appointment of the architect for the implementation of the project. A basic design has already been made, the town planning license has already been issued. The building permit remains to be issued.

On his part, the Director of the Asterios School, Mr. George Tzivas, said, among other things, that the operation of the Astronomy School was launched today at a private school in Nicosia, according to the announcement of the President of the Republic this year in August. The school will work in the private school until the building that will house it is ready.


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