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The village of Omodos is located in the geographical region of the wine-making villages, about 42 kilometres north-west of Limassol. It is built near the west bank of the ha-potami river at an average altitude of 810 meters and it is surrounded by tall mountaintops, the tallest ones being the “Afames” (1153 m.) and “Kremmos of Laonas” (1092 m.).

Omodos is built on the side of a mountain amongst a green carpet of vineyards and is one of the most graphical villages in Cyprus. Vines and various fruit-trees are cultivated in the region, but there are also uncultivated areas taken over by natural vegetation. In the north part, a small part of the village is taken up by the state forest of Paphos.


The village was probably founded in the late Byzantine period or the beginning of the Ruling of the Franks, after the communities of Upper and Lower Koupetra, which were located in the east bank of the Ha-Potami river. Isak Komninos, a despot of Cyprus, went to Koupetra after his defeat at Kolossi from Richard the Linheart, until the English king invited him for peace talks. This indicates that in 1191 Koupetra existed, but was later destroyed and a new community was built around the original monastery of the Timios Stavros.

During the Ruling of the Franks, the village existed. De Mas Latri mentions it as a feud and Leonidios Macheras, the medivil chronographer, mentions that Jacob A’ , the king of Cyprus, gave Omodos to John De Bri with the chance of his election in 1382. The village is found on old maps as “Homodos”, “Homocios” and “Omodos”.

Omodos Omodos

As for where the name of the village comes from, there are a few versions. Some believe that “Omodos” comes from the Cypriot word “modos”, which means take your time. Others belive that it comes rom the adverb “omou” and the word “odos”, because there are many roads from the village leading to surrounding villages. Meanwhile, in frankish documents it is mentioned that a feudal lord livedin the area and it is possible that the village was named after him.

Omodos Omodos

Omodos is popular from its grapes and its tasty wines. Traditionally, the excellent quality moschato wine Afamis, was named after mountain east of the village. It is said that the Soultan Selim the B’ to want to own the island just to have this famous wine. The residents of Omodos, apart from the agriculture of vineyards and the production of wine and Zivania are also well known for their production of soutziouko, palouze, kofterkka and koulouria. The arkatena koulouria of Omodos are also famous all over Cyprus. The women of the village also make crochets, handmade embroidery, tablecloths and bedspreads that the village is known for.


The stone built houses, the roof bricks, the flower filled gardens, the narrow roads, the large village square, the medieval lino and the monastery of the Timios Stavros all give the village a particular beauty and charm.


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